Happy Cabbage

November 6th

SuperBrain ProductioNZ and LoudMouth Performing Arts Festival bring you Comedian Bec Sandys and her new show 'Happy Cabbage' to Greymouth for one night only on Saturday 6th November, as part of her NZ wide tour.

She's been on the tele, is a guest commentator on Radio Hauraki’s Alternative Commentary Collective and has gigged alongside NZ's top comedians... (now being from Ashvegas, that's a big deal)!

One of the funniest comedians in New Zealand’ – Urzila Carlson

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Vagina Monologues

October 8th and 9th

SuperBrain ProductioNZ have gathered an amazing cast of very talented women to take you through some incredible stories about the women and their vaginas.


These stories will  take you through anger, laughter sadness and just plain amusement!  
The Vagina Monologues are not just hilarious and empowering but a must see for all women and men a like it erases the taboo of "Do not talk about your vagina.."  


Sold out!