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Discovering student’s strengths and ensuring that they are led along the correct path to either performing on stage or running tech and artistic direction. This approach is unique to SuperBrain and will help create confidence through honest and positive reinforcement.

Our students will be covering the importance of every team member in a theatre environment and through live performances, some fun games and activities, will gain an understanding of how no one job is less important than another, and it takes an entire team/family to achieve a professional result.   We will also be covering the importance of understanding the emotion of a performance and how to portray this, again not just through the performance but with the tech and direction. 

As a member of SuperBrain Studio our students will have special backstage privileges to performances that are here for the 2021 LoudMouth Festival. This is a great chance to talk to professionals from elsewhere in NZ and to gain access to the big theatre and what is involved behind the scenes. 

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