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We're back!

As 2020 was such a tough year, SuperBrain made the ballsy decision to bring you a better 2021 giving Greymouth a FULL YEAR of LoudMouth!!
as we are still facing these challenges we have decided to continue 2022 with the same successful strategy! 


Loudmouth is the West Coast's only performing arts festival, encompassing theatre, music, comedy, dance and more - in fact, any performance using movement or speech/song to tell a story or to entertain.

2019 was the inaugural year of Loudmouth and what a festival it was, with local and national/international artists gathering in Greymouth to showcase their talents through fresh, exciting, edgy performances and getting the Grey District ready to be on the international performing arts map.

In response to the special situation Covid-19 has created, Loudmouth Performing Arts Festival 2022 is roaring along over eleven months, from February to December!

So, check out the calendar and book your tickets to some or all of the fantastic acts signing up!!