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Sara Gilles - Emailed

What is LoudMouth

The Festival

Loudmouth is the West Coast's only performing arts festival, encompassing theatre, music, comedy, dance and more - in fact, any performance using movement or speech/song to tell a story or to entertain. Local and national/international artists will gather in Greymouth to showcase their talents through fresh, exciting, edgy performances. During the festival, there will also be the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of performing arts through workshops, competitions and activities or to just sit back and be entertained!  2019 is the inaugural year of Loudmouth and is a year set to put the Grey District on the international performing arts map.  

"I am excited to have recently relocated to Greymouth because of the developing Art Scene. The Loud Mouth Festival was a great example of how Greymouth is moving forward, and more people are moving here and seeking out cultural events to attend in this unique centre. With such a classy venue as the Regent Theatre, Greymouth will hopefully continue to attract touring and local artists, musicians, theatre groups, live music performances and festivals to play in New Zealand’s “best kept secret."

Maria - From Germany

"I was just supposed to be travelling through Greymouth  but then I heard about the LoudMouth Performing Arts Festival and decided to stay for the weekend so I could see the charm of this Beautiful (Small City), and get to know the local artists. "

Jody - From Sheffield UK

"Having just moved to Greymouth for the next few months this has made my first weekend here so welcoming, and I am so excited to be spending most of my time in NZ here in Greymouth. "

Angela - Izabel Sawyers Mum

Theatre ranging from short plays and dinner-theatre to large musical theatre sourced around the country and locally here in Greymouth. 


Honestly, it was amazing! If it wasn't for the Quest and the Festival that Izabel wouldn't be as far as she is now. It's given her a real boost.  Looking forward to next year and can't wait to see the photos. Even my 73 year old Mum who's never been to a concert like that stayed behind with us to watch Jody, she's amazing!


Music acts from around New Zealand, featuring some amazing local talent, with genres from Indie/alternative to Rock, Jazz, Country Rock Classical, and Hip Hop. With a week-ending Music Festival in Greymouth.



"Jody Direen was awesome, took me back to my Canadian travels of country music and festivals, thanks so much for bringing her here! The Garden bar looked fabulous "


Dance is huge in Greymouth so it wasn't hard to find quality local acts to mix with dance from all around the country. Let them take you on a fabulous journey through the art of movement and music.




Festival Tickets On sale Soon 

Festival Tickets On Sale Soon